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Download Game Dummy and Enjoy the Classic Thai Card Game Anytime, Anywhere

We may have multiple downloads for few games when different versions are available.Also, we try to upload manuals and extra documentation when possible. If you have additional files to contribute or have the game in another language, please contact us!

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I have this great solver - bridgify - on my old PC. I believe it was originally distributed though the ACBLbut I can't find anywhere on the web where to download it. It is as if it disappeared! If anyone could help me find the download for it, I thank you in advance.

I'm a big fan of beat em ups so I'm looking forward to this game's completion! Love the character designs and combos setup and that first boss looks like he's gonna pack a punch the only little issue I had was with the motion blur with the camera but other than that you got me as a fan of this project!

Excellent demo, the work behind it is enormous. It has a lot of potential to become a new classic. I would only like to suggest more fluidity in the dialogues of the story sections (in my case, the text boxes were slow and the game in general is going well for me). Just that, I hope you succeed in the Kickstarter!

This is freaking awesome, I love the art & animations, you can clearly see the passion! I got really far but it was kind of difficult to me because I normally use WASD controls, I would like to see custom controls in this game. Anyways, very cool art & music, hope this project continues!

This game is insane! I love the graphics and SFXs. This game has a ton of potential and is well on its way to becoming something HUGE. If the demo was this good, I wonder what the full version will look like!!

LOVED THE ARCADE STYLE, and the beatem up aspect is on point! It reminded me of playing the old Chucky cheese arcade games of the x men or avengers lol can't wait to see the full game. Did a two game okay special your the first vid

Whack the dummy is the craziest buddy ragdoll beat em up game in the world! Download the top free epic stress-relieving fighting game and take your anger out on crash, Your new interactive buddy!Had a bad day?Do you want to beat the boss?Need to let out some steam?Punch, Slap, Throw, Stab, Shoot, Smash, Freeze and Explode Crash into tiny little pieces and feel like an unstoppable force! But dont worry, hes a crash test dummy Its what he was designed for!Lock and Load!Oh, you want guns? Weve got em all. Pistols, SMGs, Assault Rifles and much more! Get the target in your sights and let it rip! If you like shiny things that pack a real punch then check out the gold desert eagle for a super fun blast!Boom boom shake the room!Guns not your thing? Need something a little louder that packs a BANG? Get your hands on grenades, pipe bombs, propane tanks and much more military-grade arsenal!Time to get medieval!Charge into battle and let out a mighty war cry whilst swinging your trusty blade! Pick up a Katana and slice your way to victory or CRUSH crash with the powerful battle axe!Wacky and wonderful!Need something a little more fun? A little bizarre or just plain silly? Check out the snowball and tell the Crash to chill! Or cast a wicked spell with the lightning wand!Create your own buddy!Collect weird and wonderful costumes to dress crash and customise your very own best friend!How to play- Tap on Crash for a basic attack- Purchase guns and hold anywhere on the screen to shoot- Swing swords, bats and melee weapons- Drag grenades and other projectiles to throw them

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Kick The Dummy is a fun anti-stress game where you get to kick the dummy!buyable items and use it to beat the dummy like weapons, guns rocket launcher, sward and electric shock. how about chain him up and move around. you can also select a different room space.

Dummynation is a strategy game developed by ALEJANDRO HERNÁNDEZ FERRERO. BlueStacks app player is the best platform (emulator) to play this Android game on your PC or Mac for an immersive gaming experience!

In the Dummynation PC game, you must expand your region through military occupation to acquire more power! But try not to spread yourself too thin too quickly, or your empire will fall even quicker.

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Flood-It! is a simple yet exciting strategy puzzle game in which you have to flood the whole game board with one color in fewer than the allowed steps. The game is available for download on Android and iOS. There is a Google Analytics 4 property for Flood-It! containing games reporting and data from the app and website that includes the following kinds of information:

It was also included in AVI format on Tiger Woods '99 for PlayStation. It is accessible from the game disc by PC. This was unauthorized and because of this, the game was recalled in January 1999 by Electronic Arts.

Naturally I am very interested in stuff like this. Easter eggs, video games, South Park, video files, this is right up my alley. If you make a venn diagram of my interests all those things would have a circle each and I would be in the middle.

I can't find a concrete release date for the game, but reviews for it came out in November and December 1998, so somewhere around there the game was released. The fixed ZZDUMMY.DAT file in version 1.1 has a modification date of January 14th 1999, so the issue was discovered about 1-3 months after release.

A mother got her son a copy of the PlayStation version of Tiger Woods 99 for Christmas, not knowing that console games weren't playable on computers (unless if you use an emulator). The young boy put the CD-ROM in his computer and clicked on ZZDUMMY.DAT. He watched the video (which was the pilot of South Park "Jesus vs. Santa" as mentioned). After hearing all the profanity the video was loaded with, he told his mother. She complained to Electronic Arts/EA Sports.

It just seems like a super random thing to me that a kid who doesn't know that his Playstation game won't play on a PC will open the up the file system and try to open up a file called ZZDUMMY.DAT in a video player. I just don't believe it. And I tried double clicking the file in a Windows 95 and 98 Virtual Machine, and neither operating system opens it by default in a video player. So the kid had to know he needed to open this random file in the media player. I just don't buy it.

However, back in those days, it was quite common to put Dreamcast and PS1 discs in your computer or other audio players to listen to the soundtrack, so this might have been a factor for why someone would get the idea. But you still have the problem that you need to know to manually open up the dummy file in a video player.


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