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The Best Way to Download and Install Rocket League Sideswipe on Your PC

You can get Sideswipe running on your computer using Bluestacks but you need to have it set up a specific way to work. You can see exactly how to set it up at -rl-sideswipe-on-pc. As for actually downloading the game, its not currently available on the Play store and was only briefly on there back in March for alpha. You can Use pretty much any apk you find online, but just keep in mind there are people out there trying to make scams (like the injectserver thing you talked about and every single "download on ios" video on youtube)

As Psyonix finished development of Battle-Cars, the studio had tried to gain access to a publisher by selling their game as "soccer, but with rocket-powered cars"; none of the publishers seemed interested.[31] Ultimately, they opted to self-publish the game on the PlayStation Network with almost no marketing.[33] Though it was downloaded more than two million times, it was not considered very successful even after the studio cut the price.[30][33] The studio continued on to other projects, though kept the idea of building on Battle-Cars as an option, recognizing the game had a small but dedicated fan-base that provided them with ideas for expansion.[30][31] These other projects, which including contract work for AAA games, including Mass Effect 3 and Gears of War, helped to fund the development of Rocket League.[34]

can you download rocket league sideswipe on computer


Our lowest rocket league prices are in USD, but worry not - we'll convert them to your local currency when paying! You can use any currency you wish to pay for the order, you'll be shown exact amount in your currency on provider's checkout page.


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