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The adult adventure game Lula 3D was criticized for its monotonous gameplay, poor puzzle designs, low-quality graphics (including animations, an inconsistent frame rate, and re-use of character models), its voice acting, the quality of its English translation, and low-brow humor that was too childish for its target audience.[148][149][150] On Metacritic, the game received an aggregate score of 28% from 14 reviews.[151] In 2013, Polygon cited Lula 3D and other "low-brow" pornographic games as a factor in the mainstream video game industry's general non-acceptance of adult video games.[152] In 2017, GamesRadar+ ranked Lula 3D as the 44th worst game of all time, arguing that "the game's lack of fun is rivalled only by its lack of respectable clothing", and stating that in one part of the game, trying to move the character with both the mouse and keyboard at the same time caused it to crash.[153]

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If pirates are put through more trouble than genuine customers, maybe more will buy the real game. Sadly, for AAA games it is currently the other way. Customers get the trouble with always-on requirements and intrusive DRM, while pirates can just download and enjoy. A twisted world.

Disappointing top 10 imo. Chrono Trigger, as much as I love it, is not the best game on DS. Too many Phoenix Wright and novel games in the top 10. I'm sure they're good, but not top 10. Radiant Historia wasn't even released outside the US so I'm confused by that getting so high. Interesting to see how different this list is to one ranked by journalists. Oh and there are some brutal entries on the first page.

This page strives to list all games which have a package available in the official repositories or the AUR. There are many more Linux games available, which are not packaged. See Gaming#Getting games for ways to obtain them.

hagiospneuma, the saved games only save in your browser cache, so every time you clear your browser history, the saved games disappear. The absolute best feature of all Renpy games is the three stacked lines in the top left corner, click on them and click "export saves". This will download a file into your download folder, when you open the game again, click "import saves", grab the file and restart the game, et voila!

A different issue is that video gaming became one of the all-time most significant forms of excitement for people of various age groups. Kids have fun with video games, and also adults do, too. The particular XBox 360 is amongst the favorite games systems for those who love to have hundreds of video games available to them, along with who like to relax and play live with other people all over the world. Many thanks for sharing your opinions. 041b061a72


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