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Adrian Foster
Adrian Foster

CRU: A powerful tool to customize your monitor's resolutions and other features

Each of these directories has a role which is often obvious from itsname. In a package, any installable file will be installed in one ofthese directories. For instance in amhello-1.0, the programhello is to be installed in bindir, the directory forbinaries. The default value for this directory is/usr/local/bin, but the user can supply a different value whencalling configure. Also the file README will beinstalled into docdir, which defaults to/usr/local/share/doc/amhello.

Suppose that foo.c includes bindir.h, which isinstallation-dependent and not distributed: it needs to be built. Herebindir.h defines the preprocessor macro bindir to thevalue of the make variable bindir (inherited fromconfigure).

cru.exe indir

The tags rule will also be generated if the variableETAGS_ARGS is defined. This variable is intended for use indirectories that contain taggable source that etags doesnot understand. The user can use the ETAGSFLAGS to passadditional flags to etags; AM_ETAGSFLAGS is alsoavailable for use in The variable ETAGSis the name of the program to invoke (by default etags).


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