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The Best Of Chopin 432Hz

After considering these varied responses, I came to the conclusion that music created in the era of 440 Hz is best heard at the current tuning. But when we listen to composers who wrote their music during an era of lower tunings, we should consider recalibrating the music to match the standards of their own time. A jazz or rock band has no reason to change, but a specialist in Baroque music might benefit from a return to a lower scale.

The Best of Chopin 432Hz

Music at 432 Hz is a very large music world where we find everything. But how should this music be heard for the best sound performance? Is MP3 format better or some other audio format?

MP3 format is an audio compression format that omits part of the information, however, this is the condition to have a good audio output but a small file size and can be easily stored or transmitted over the internet. The quality suffers greatly from MP3 compression, so it is not the best format for listening 432 Hz music, although there are more faithful MP3s, such as those with 256 KBit / s or more sampling. However, this format will miss many frequencies, so better compression forms that do not cause audio information loss, such as the AUDIO FLAC format, for example.

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