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Il Magnifico King Movie |TOP|

Diez horcas para un pistolero (Spain) El magnifico Texano (Spain) Le magnifique Texan (France) The Magnificent Texan (U.S.A.) Desperado - Der Geheimnisvolle Rächer (Germany) Der Mann aus Texas (Germany) El Desperado (Sweden) Hardingarna fran Texas (Sweden) Vestens mystiske Haevner (Denmark) Hurja teksasilainen (Finland) O Magnifico Texano (Brazil)

Il magnifico King movie

Lorenzo, considered the most promising of the five children of Piero and Lucrezia, was tutored by a diplomat and bishop, Gentile de' Becchi, and the humanist philosopher Marsilio Ficino,[9] and he was trained in Greek by John Argyropoulos.[10] With his brother Giuliano, he participated in jousting, hawking, hunting, and horse breeding for the Palio, a horse race in Siena. In 1469, aged 20, he won first prize in a jousting tournament sponsored by the Medici. The joust was the subject of a poem written by Luigi Pulci.[11] Niccolò Machiavelli also wrote of the occasion, perhaps sarcastically, that he won "not by way of favour, but by his own valour and skill in arms".[12] He carried a banner painted by Verrocchio, and his horse was named Morello di Vento.[13][14]

On Sunday, 26 April 1478, in an incident known as the Pazzi conspiracy, a group headed by Girolamo Riario, Francesco de' Pazzi, and Francesco Salviati (the archbishop of Pisa), attacked Lorenzo and his brother and co-ruler Giuliano in the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore in an attempt to seize control of the Florentine government.[22] Shockingly, Salviati acted with the blessing of his patron Pope Sixtus IV. Giuliano was killed, brutally stabbed to death, but Lorenzo escaped with only a minor wound to the neck, having been defended by the poet Poliziano.[23] News of the conspiracy spread throughout Florence, and it was brutally put down by the populace through such measures as the lynching of the archbishop of Pisa and members of the Pazzi family who were involved in the conspiracy.[21]

Lorenzo rallied the citizens. However, with little support from the traditional Medici allies in Bologna and Milan,[21] the war dragged on, and only diplomacy by Lorenzo, who personally traveled to Naples and became a prisoner of the king for several months, ultimately resolved the crisis. That success enabled Lorenzo to secure constitutional changes within the government of the Florentine Republic that further enhanced his own power.[19]

Efforts to acquire revenue from the mining of alum in Tuscany unfortunately marred Lorenzo's reputation. Alum had been discovered by local citizens of Volterra, who turned to Florence to get backing to exploit this important natural resource. A key commodity in the glassmaking, tanning and textile industries, alum was available from only a few sources under the control of the Ottomans and monopolized by Genoa before the discovery of alum sources in Italy at Tolfa. First the Roman Curia in 1462, and then Lorenzo and the Medici Bank less than a year later, got involved in backing the mining operation, with the pope taking a two-ducat commission for each cantar quintal of alum retrieved and ensuring a monopoly against the Turkish-derived goods by prohibiting trade in alum with infidels.[27] When they realized the value of the alum mine, the people of Volterra wanted its revenues for their municipal funds rather than having it enter the pockets of their Florentine backers. Thus began an insurrection and secession from Florence, which involved putting to death several opposing citizens. Lorenzo sent mercenaries to suppress the revolt by force, and the mercenaries ultimately sacked the city. Lorenzo hurried to Volterra to make amends, but the incident would remain a dark stain on his record.[28][29]

Whereas the foremost man of all this city, the lately deceased Lorenzo de' Medici, did, during his whole life, neglect no opportunity of protecting, increasing, adorning and raising this city, but was always ready with counsel, authority and painstaking, in thought and deed; shrank from neither trouble nor danger for the good of the state and its freedom..... it has seemed good to the Senate and people of Florence.... to establish a public testimonial of gratitude to the memory of such a man, in order that virtue might not be unhonoured among Florentines, and that, in days to come, other citizens may be incited to serve the commonwealth with might and wisdom.[42]

Among the Medici, the great banking family that counted popes among its clients and came to be de facto rulers (and later dukes) of Florence, one name tends to loom large over all others: Lorenzo the Magnificent.

In the brief, five-year period of his rule, Piero commissioned a spectacular fresco series from Benozzo Gozzoli for the chapel of the family palazzo, showing the procession of the Magi. The image of the youngest king, Caspar, is sometimes said to represent Lorenzo, although a more obvious portrait of the boy, along with many other images of family members, appears elsewhere in the procession.

When Piero died in 1469, the 20-year-old Lorenzo was left to lead the city. He had been well prepared. He had the traditional training of a 'Renaissance man' in the humanities and arts, from tutors including the leading philosopher Marsilio Ficino. Lorenzo was a talented poet, and acquired the accomplishments expected of any young prince in hunting, jousting and hawking.

How do you apply the idea of "favorite" here? It's ridiculous, elusive and inexhaustible; greater than the sum of its parts. It's got enough plotline to be interesting, but, at the same time, it's the kind of movie you could leave on in the background for suspenseful atmospheric noise.

This movie really has it all: a spaceship, cotton candy cocoons filled with corpses, a 'good' cop, a bad cop, a romance subplot and, best of all, the soundtrack is heavy metal renditions of circus tunes.

If you were putting together a double feature, what movie would you play alongside this one and why? The first Alien movie, but I'd play Killer Klowns second, for a comic relief palate-cleanser. I'd screen it at midnight and everyone would have to come dressed as either Ripley or a clown.

How, if at all, has the movie inspired you in art-making? It's fortified my love for slapstick humor and my dedication to making people laugh, even if occasionally for the wrong reasons.

This guy took power the same year that Machiavelli was born. The family had already been working the levers behind the scenes for a while, and Lorenzo just carried on the trend. Of course, Florence likes to say that they had no ruler and that they ran the government themselves, but that was a pretty blatant lie.

This guy is the son of Lorenzo, and not so "magnificent." He was exiled just two years after he came to power because he basically just let the king of France march into Florence. People were not too happy about that. After he ran away, they stole all the stuff from the Medicis' family home. His failure meant that Medici rulers didn't take back Florence until 1512, eighteen years later. His end was the beginning of the Republic of Florence.

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This particular edition of the soundtrack which is released on BEAT records contains 9 extra tracks that are previously unreleased and has been re-mastered to a high standard by Claudio Fuiano, it also contains some interesting liner notes by Fabio Babini and stills from the movie. This for me is Marchetti,s swansong, his tour de force and the score that I will always associate with the composer and affectionately look upon it as one of the great Italian film scores from the 1960,s and one that evokes many memories of my early days of collecting. A must have release even if you have the original, you still need to have this too.

Watercolor is a great medium in which to have fun while learning new techniques for making paintings. No longer are artists stuck with the rules of the old days in watercolor, a medium in which there have historically been lots of "shoulds" and "can'ts." For several decades, watercolor artists have been using new materials and new methods of applying paint, something that you don't see in watercolor paintings from the past. In this three-part series, you'll learn about basic materials, how to get started, and exciting processes for applying paint, giving your paintings a more contemporary look. This experience is designed to stimulate creativity.

Once upon a time, I found a CD-R filled with ancient works from my old GreatestJournal account. A good amount of them were unfinished, but this one appeared to be complete. I present to you, with some minor editing and slight reworking, a fanfic from the ancient time of 2006, long before AO3 or tumblr existed.

Gladio learns about the attack on the prince on his way home from school. He is thinking about what to do first when he gets home, homework, sword work, or maybe, a Cup Noodle before any of that. He is so lost in thought, it takes him a minute to realize he has been weaving around people, who have stopped in the middle of the sidewalk, their eyes looking up.


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