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Any Way You Want It - Michael Learns To Rock With Lyrics [Extra Quality]

The song is about a boy and a girl who had a intimate relationship (being more than friends - as per lyrics) in the past. The boy hurt the girl which results ending of this past relationship and romance of theirs. But eventually when this boy became a man and realized his mistakes in their past, and also realized that this girl is the one he always loved. He decided to be with his girl forever, he will ask her to marry him, to him she is for keeps (she is the girl and i really want to make her mine - as per lyrics). But his mistake was he search for her in the whole town, probably first from her house, their favorite dating places, in the park, in the town plaza, in the market (spending the 25 minutes of his time) not realizing that the wedding happening in the Church (with the bells, the hyms ang songs, the visitors) was for the bride happens to be the 'girl his searching for'! When finally he realize he needed guidance and direction from the Lord to find his lost 'love', he was shocked to see that this 'love of his life' his searching for (with her wedding dress and all) was the one married to someone. And when she saw the 'love of her life' walking towards her (with all his sweat and tears and tiring feet because of searching for her in the whole town except in that Church he passed by), her tears begins to fell also from her eyes. And finally admits to this man in front of her that she waits for him in that '25 minutes' before the married vow, still hoping that her man will come to rescue her... but that did not happen. Because 'though he travels so far' he's still 25 minutes too late. '25 minutes' that change their lives forever...

Any way you want it - Michael Learns To Rock with lyrics

25 minutes means the guy was already 25 minutes too late. The girl he is in love with was already married. Maybe the girl invited him to attend her wedding with at 10 am and he arrived at 10:25 am. He wanted to stop the wedding and profess his true undying love but he was 25 minutes too late. It's not years, but minutes. Listen carefully to the lyrics

Lyrics of this song -> very clear to interpret.If they were lovers, why did their love didn't last?If they were really in love, why didn't they fight or argued for their love?If the girl really loved the boy, why would she be happy and accept the love from another boy?If the boy finally realized he loves the girl and wants to make things right, why was he late for 25 minutes?Idk. But I think the girl only has lust for the boy and not love. Because she only mentioned the kisses. Lovers can have a good time without the kisses.I think the girl's meaning of happiness is only about kisses and she felt that by kissing the other boy really loves her. Love is not only about the kisses. Love is more deeper than physical intimacy.I think the boy should move on and do wants he wants in his life. He should delete his feelings for the girl because he will never get over her if he is still in love with her. Being happy in life is not only about getting married, finding someone else, about the kisses. Happiness is a very deep emotion.Anyway, idk. The band knows the real meaning of their song.Infrequent Guest

It's about a boy and a girl who were more than friends and kissed in the past. The boy did hurtful things to the girl and they stopped seeing and talking. The boy wasn't sure about his feelings for the girl. He was not able to make up his mind. Probably he was deliberating if she was the girl for him and if he really wants her to be his. One day, he finally had the courage to look for her and to tell her about his love for her. Possibly they both went to a very distant church before and the boy felt he needed God's guidance and direction. He was about to enter a church and was shocked to see the girl that he wanted to disclose his feelings was wearing a bridal dress. Sadly, the girl moved on and was about to wed another boy.Moral of the story:Some people never get a chance to experience this kind of love. Many had a chance but never took the next step. Many took a risk but it didn't end well and they parted ways. Many moved on and loved another person. Some end up alone but not lonely. Some lived life like it never happened and Some lived life and moved forward with or without this kind of love. Like 6/9/16.. Treasure that one person you love and who loves you back.Realist

JONES: Well, I had chemo yesterday. The doctors took me off of one chemo medicine, the one that's causing the neuropathy. I told them I didn't want to take that anymore because it's really causing more pain and stuff in my legs and causing a problem. But today is one of my - I feel one of my best days in the last few days. You know, I'm on and off. I take it one day at a time. And being on the stage with them, performing and opening up for Hall & Oates for the last two and a half weeks, and then doing three nights in a row, one day off, three - so I did, like, nine straight nights and a day off in between there so - but I feel pretty good.

And doing the film was also my therapy. And I knew that it would help someone out there with cancer or going through it. As long as I inspired someone because I was - that's where my health came from, my energy came from, knowing my fans was out there and I'm getting back to them and I wanted them to see me go - what I'm going through.

JONES: Yeah, the night I went out there, it was like a different Sharon because the hair is gone. That energy - I mean, everyone said my energy was great, but I didn't feel at all. Like, Binky would always say, oh, 110 pounds of soul. I felt like that night maybe I gave, like, 90 of it or, you know, a little less. And even now the days on the stage, I'm just not myself. I don't have that energy and that leg stuff that lift up like I want to with the pain, the neuropathy from certain chemo is like - it's a hinder. But I do the shows, but it's not the same.

So I want to play a song that I suspect has different meaning for you now than it did when you first recorded it. And the song is called "Retreat!" and it was on your album "Give The People What They Want," which is your - the album that you had to hold back in 2013 when you were diagnosed with cancer. And it's also on the soundtrack album for your new film. So what did that song mean to you before, and what did it mean after the diagnosis?

GROSS: That's Sharon Jones singing "Retreat!" with the Dap-Kings backing her up. And that song is on the soundtrack for the new documentary about her which is called "Miss Sharon Jones!" I want to go back a little bit to your very early singing career before you made it as a singer with the Dap-Kings doing your songs, doing the songs that were really for you. You sang in a wedding band. Did you do covers?

BIANCULLI: Bob Dorough, who died in 2018 at age 94, had a life and credits far beyond a Saturday morning children's show. At one point in his musical career, he played piano between comedy sets by Lenny Bruce. He recorded a Christmas album with Miles Davis, providing vocals as well as lyrics. He co-wrote with Ben Tucker the much covered song "Comin' Home, Baby," and collaborated with everyone from Hoagy Carmichael and the Fugs to Art Garfunkel and Nellie McKay. Terry Gross spoke to Bob Dorough in 1996 when a roster of artists who grew up singing his songs, including the Lemonheads and Blind Melon, recorded a tribute album called "Schoolhouse Rock! Rocks." She asked Bob Dorough how the original animated series came about.

So I went up to meet the president of the agency, and it was his idea, and his name was David B. McCall of McCaffrey and McCall. And he said, my little boy can, you know, sing along with Jimi Hendrix and the Rolling Stones, but he can't memorize his multiplication table. So I had the idea, why not put the multiplication tables to rock music and call it "Multiplication Rock"? What do you think? And I said, well, yeah, that's pretty interesting. And he said, well, but don't write down to the kids. Well, I learned later that he had invited other Broadway songwriters to do this task, and they came up with a more simple doggerel type of songwriting - writing down, as it were, to children.

DOROUGH: Well, it's more in the beat than the melody. I might do anything for a "Schoolhouse Rock!" song. But, you know, it's more apt to be a pop kind of beat instead of a jazz beat. I will tell you about "Figure Eight." It was a beautiful little melody, sounds like a sonata almost. And I used to play it around my house, and my late wife said, what is that melody? And I said, oh, I was thinking maybe it'd be an eight - song about eight. And she said, oh, no, it's too good for "Schoolhouse Rock!" And I said, yeah, you're right. And I wrote a different one, and they didn't like it. So in a bit of desperation, I decided to finish it, and I wrote "Figure Eight." And it starts out with this very placid melody. In the middle, it goes into a rock beat where they multiply by eight. But the outside was very dreamy. In fact, we recorded it with a cellist.

SHELDON: Yeah, I was always self-conscious about singing. And I wanted to sing, but it's so personal, singing. And I started singing with Benny Goodman's band, and that was about 1958. And I wrote a song and Benny let me sing. He was the first bandleader that would ever let me sing. Stan Kenton wouldn't let me sing, though, because he always was afraid I would say something too off-color, which I probably would have.

GR: Because I don't remember now. Because I listened to 35 records in the last hour and I don't remember why I didn't like yours. But if I liked it, I would've remembered it. And it doesn't mean a record is not great, it just means it wasn't great for me. I just don't remember it. You want me to listen to your record, you want me to write down why I didn't like it, or why I liked it, do a survey for every record I have to listen to, along with the 10 meetings I have to have that day with my bosses, and the other 10 meetings I have to have that day with the artists, then go to the studio and stay up all night and make a record, and then maybe call my girlfriend? No. My girlfriend would say, "He doesn't call me back, either." 041b061a72


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