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The computer and two MicroSD cards were seized and forensically examined. The examiner located images of child pornography (i.e. minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct) on the computer. The examiner also located Internet browsing activity which indicated an interest in child pornography. For example, in the AOL and Bing search engines, "illegal preteen PICS underground lolitas", "ilegal underage models", and "illegal sex with children" search terms had been used.

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Based upon CNOCKAERT'S activity on the Chronicle's computer, a search warrant for CNOCKAERT'S residence was obtained. Found during the search was a book labeled "Pornography - Slaying the Dragon" and a typed letter to the Chronicle authored by CNOCKAERT. In it, CNOCKAERT apologized for his "Internet activities", noting that it was "beyond stupid" and that he had "no one but [him]self to blame for the situation." Also seized were several computers and related computer media. The material was also forensically examined. Found on two tower computers was web content containing terms associated with child pornography, including many instances of "lolita", "incest" and "preteen" in the unallocated area which often contains remains of HTML pages. On CNOCKAERT'S laptop, images of child pornography that had been viewed using Earthlink web service were found. Under the "Jim" account on that computer, the default home page is Earthlink's accounts login page. In addition, two of the webpages carved from unallocated space on that computer match two web pages of child pornography that were captured on the computer from the Chronicle. Thumbnail images were also found on the laptop hard drive in a folder labeled "Jim Folder." Those images were copied from a website or from cache. Either way, the forensic examiner testified that user action was required in order to get them to that location on the computer - it was not a result of an automatic computer function. 041b061a72


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