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Isaiah Gonzalez
Isaiah Gonzalez

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Need a quick and unique transition? Look no further. These cool swish transitions will help you make a video that is both dynamic and eye-catching. The 5 presets can be used on pictures or videos, but project files are also available in case you just want to dive in.

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ActionVFX is giving away 36 high-quality bullet impact sound effects, including different types of hits: glass, metal, and wall/ground. This pack also includes 10 bullet flyby sound effects. Check them out and get to downloading!

Yet another amazing free sound effects giveaway by ActionVFX. Included are 45 different variations of REAL explosion sound effects, including gas explosions, dirt explosions, glass, and debris explosions. If you have any explosion scenes in your film, then you need to download this now!

Holy Grain has created an excellent film grain overlay that works with any NLE like Premiere Pro, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, and DaVinci Resolve. Check out the company's site and download this grain today.

YouTube offers a massive library of music that you can download for free right now. After giving much of it a listen, we were pretty impressed by both the quantity and tthe quality of some of the tracks. Head on over and browse some free music.

ActionVFX is offering free dust waves overlays. These are REAL dust waves spreading across the ground and recorded on a RED camera at a whopping 2K resolution. This dust wave pack is insane. We would highly recommend you downloading these and keeping them just in case.

ActionVFX knocked it out of the park again. We can save everyone a bunch of time and tell you to just scour their website for a couple of hours and download everything you can. They recorded 20 REAL smoke plumes as they billow and offer it in 2K resolution, too.

ActionVFX has created some pretty incredible loopable, spinning bullet shells that are pre-keyed at 1080p. The pack comes with 9 different spinning shells and has different shells for assault rifles and pistols. Go to the website to download it!

NONE of the BJK Productions stuff on this list works. His downloads are to PDF files with links to Dropbox that do not work. I started a support chat with BJK and they confirmed "we don't have them available for free anymore." 041b061a72


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