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HD Online Player (Damarukam 2012 Telugu Movie English )

HD Online Player (Damarukam 2012 telugu movie english )

Damarukam is a 2012 Telugu language drama starring Anushka Shetty, Nagarjuna & P. Ravishankara. The story is about the good and the evil. A war between Devas and Asuras breaks out and Asuras get defeated badly. Andhakasura, Asura runs away and hides. Simultaneously, in the modern world, Mallikharjuna stops believing in Lord Shiva after his family dies in an accident leaving him and his sister alone. Maheshwari, a doctor, treats Malli's paralyzed sister. Andhakasura needs to sacrifice a rare astronomical time born girl in order to rule over 5 elements and he weeds out everyone who comes his way. Interestingly, Malli falls in love with Maheshwari and now it is his fight to save her from the demon.

If you want to watch this movie online, you might be wondering what are the best options for HD online players that can stream this movie with English subtitles. In this article, we will review some of the popular online video players that can play Damarukam 2012 in high quality and with subtitles.



Vimeo is a video hosting platform that offers 4K online video player in HTML5 and MP4 formats. Vimeo's video player is fast, reliable, and looks fantastic. It supports 4K, live, and 360 video across devices. It also has no ads before, during, or after your video. You can customize every part of the video player to match your vision. You can also gather leads right from the player with customizable contact forms.

To watch Damarukam 2012 on Vimeo, you need to have a Vimeo account and a subscription plan that allows you to upload and stream videos in 4K resolution. You also need to find a source file of the movie that has English subtitles embedded or available as a separate file. You can then upload the movie to your Vimeo account and share the link with your friends or colleagues.


VEED.IO is a free online video player that lets you share your videos with your friends and colleagues without them having to download the videos. You can just send them the link to your video and they can watch it straight from their browser. VEED.IO also allows you to edit your videos before sharing them. You can crop, rotate, resize, add effects, filters, images, audio, drawings, and more. You can also make your videos accessible with subtitles. VEED.IO can automatically generate subtitles for you in just one click.

To watch Damarukam 2012 on VEED.IO, you need to select a video file of the movie from your device and upload it to VEED.IO. You can then edit the video as you wish and add subtitles if needed. You can also set the privacy of your video to private or public. Once you are done, you can click on 'Export' and share your video's link with your friends or colleagues.


Vadootv is an online video player that plays videos at 4K resolution and supports all major codecs for high quality playback. Vadootv's video player is versatile, ad-free, accessible, and adaptable. It also has features like interactive transcripts, chapters, playlists, analytics, and more. You can also embed your videos on your website or blog with ease.

To watch Damarukam 2012 on Vadootv, you need to sign up for a free account and upload your video file of the movie to Vadootv. You can then customize your video player settings and add subtitles if needed. You can also create a playlist of your favorite movies and share it with your friends or colleagues.


Damarukam 2012 is a Telugu movie that tells a story of good versus evil with elements of romance, action, drama, and fantasy. If you want to watch this movie online in HD quality and with English subtitles, you have several options for online video players that can stream this movie for you. Some of the popular ones are Vimeo, VEED.IO, and Vadootv. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages, so you can choose the one that suits your needs and preferences best.


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